Please use your Order ID and your shipping address zip code to check
the status of your order:

What does the "Status" mean?

-Received: We have received your order, and it will soon be processed.
-Printed: Your order has been processed, and will soon be shipped.
-Verified: Your order has passed our final double check verification.
-Shipped: Your order has been shipped, and will arrive shortly.

Things to remember:

-USPS does not provide tracking numbers for International/Canadian
shipments. USPS only provides tracking for shipments in the US.

-If your USPS tracking number shows: "No Record of Shipment" on
the website, it is because USPS will typically only provide
update of shipment status on delivery or attempt of delivery. Unlike
UPS or FedEX, USPS does not scan shipments in transit, USPS only
scans shipments on delivery. Your USPS shipment status will continue
to only read "There is no record of this item" until delivery is made.

-If your USPS tracking number shows: "Accepted in Hebron, KY", it
it does not mean your order was delivered to an address in Hebron, KY.
It means your shipment was last scanned at the Hebron, KY USPS Center.
Your shipment is still in transit, and should arrive shortly to your address.